DRO-550 Enclosure Construction

Step 6.  Attach Overlay

The overlays are silk-screened onto the back of transparent 10mil Lexan film.  They are screened with three colors: black, white, and a near-cyan color.  The windows for the seven segment LED displays and the indicator LEDs above them are water clear.  There two types of overlays, one with X, Y, and Z designations for mills and one with X, Z1, and Z2 designations for lathes.

The overlays are best installed by masking the front of the completed enclosure with masking tape and spraying on a layer of adhesive such as Super77 onto the front of the enclosure..  The overlay can then be pressed into place onto the front of the enclosure.  IMPORTANT: Do not forget to remove the plastic protective film on the front of the overlay.  Otherwise, the transparent windows will be slightly opaque instead of crystal clear.