DRO-550 Software

Step 2. Install BOSSA

BOSSA is used to transfer the OpenDRO binary image to the DRO-550 from your PC via the USB or RS-232 connections.  BOSSA is available in both Windows and Linux versions for 32-bit and 64-bit systems.  Download the one that is appropriate for your system.  We will only cover the Windows setup process here.

Execute the BOSSA setup wizard that you downloaded above.  Click on the Next> button and then select the check box if you agree with the end-user license agreement.  Press the Next> button again and choose a new Destination Folder or accept the default.  Press the Next> button and then press the Install button to install BOSSA on your system.

During the installation process, Windows may ask if you want the setup program to make changes to your system which you should answer Yes to.  Windows will also warn you that you are installing an unsigned driver or that the publisher can't be verified.  You should allow the driver installation to proceed otherwise the USB CDC driver that BOSSA depends on will not be installed.