DRO-550 Software

Step 3. Place the DRO-550 in Program Mode

If you have never programmed your DRO-550, then it is already in program mode and you can proceed on to the next step.  If you already have OpenDRO installed on the DRO-550, then plug power into your DRO-550 and enter the main menu by pressing the FUNC key.  Press the Y key until you reach the system menu ("sys" on the display).  Press the Z key until you reach the update selection.  Press the ENTER key and you will see a message to press ENTER again to confirm.  You should now disconnect the power from the DRO-550.

If for some reason, the OpenDRO software becomes corrupted or will otherwise not run, you can use the program switch to place the DRO-550 into program mode.  To do this, open the DRO-550 and locate the program switch on the lower left of the board on the side that has the keys and LED display.  Plug power into the DRO and press the program switch for one second.  The DRO-550 display will go blank and it will enter program mode.