QCC-100 Construction

Internal Version

Step 4a.  Install the MTA header

Insert the 4 pin MTA header into the PCB at position JP1.  Solder the pins from underneath the PCB.

Step 5a.  Solder the wires to the PCB

Solder four wires to the PCB.  The wires should be cut to 5-6 inches (125-150 mm) in length.

Step 6a.  Attach the MTA receptacle

Attach the wire from the negative pad (black in the picture) on the PCB to left-most position on the MTA connector when the wires are oriented downwards.  Attach the wire from the D pad (white in the picture) next followed by the wire from the C pad (yellow in the picture).

NOTE: If all three axes on the DRO-350 have QCC-100's attached, you have the option to attach the wire from the positive pad (red in the picture) to the last position of the MTA connector and skip the next two steps.  If you do this, then move the jumper across pins 3-4 on JP8 to pins 1-2.  This will provide the 5V that the QCC-100 needs to operate over the positive wire on the MTA connector.

Step 7a.  Crimp the terminal

Strip the end of the wire from the positive pad (red in the picture) and attach it to the crimp terminal.  This is most easily done by soldering the stripped wire to the terminal and then folding over the crimp tabs with needle-nose pliers.

Step 8a.  Install the housing

Slip the housing over the finished terminal paying attention to the small tab on the terminal that locks it in place.  This tab is installed into the housing on the same side as the hole it engages into on the housing.

The finished internal version will look like the following picture.

Completed Internal Version of the QCC-100