DRO-550 Bill of Materials

The DRO-550 board comes with all surface mount components already installed.  However, there are additional parts that you will need to complete your DRO-550.  First, you will need a set of through-hole components to finish the board assembly.  The table below lists these components and gives you some information on deciding which you will need.  The main decisions are the LED colors and how many scale, edge, and tach inputs you want.

To order parts, go to Mouser and enter each part number and quantity in the EZ buy toolEZ Buy.  If you create an account with Mouser, then it is faster to use the BOM Import Tool EZ  Buy to copy and paste the text below for the through-hole components.  Copy and paste the text below into the text region below the "Import BOM" button and then press the button.

BOM Import Text (Copy and Paste)



Through-hole Components

Description Vendor Part # Quantity Note
Round switch cap, black, 12mm Mouser 101-0210-EV 23 For tact switches on DRO-550 board
MTA-100 2 pin header Mouser 571-6404562 2 DC power input, 5V output
MTA-100 3 pin header Mouser 571-6404563 5 Two edge finder, two tachs, one RS-232
MTA-100 4 pin header Mouser 571-6404564 5 One per scale input
2x2 pin .100 header Mouser 649-67997-104HLF 5 One per scale input
Piezo buzzer, 4kHz, 5V, 14mm Mouser 665-AT-1438TWTR 1 Optional if you want a zero/key beep
Shunt jumper, 2 position Mouser 538-15-38-1024 5 One per scale input
LED 7-segment, RED, dual digit Mouser 630-HDSP-521E 9 For GREEN: 630-HDSP-521G
LED diffused, RED, 3mm Mouser 859-LTL-1CHE 5 For GREEN: 859-LTL-1CHG
Tact switch, 6mm, 7mm plunger Mouser 101-0364-EV 1 For emergency firmware update

You will also need to make an enclosure for your DRO-550.  The following table lists the parts you will need.  Detailed instructions are given in the DRO-550 construction section.  You can use the same EZ Buy or BOM Import tools from Mouser to order these parts.

BOM Import Text (Copy and Paste)




Enclosure Parts

Description Vendor Part # Quantity Note
Black Enclosure 1599HBK Mouser 546-1599H-BK 1  
Panel Mount 4 pin Mini-DIN Connector Mouser 161-2104 5 One per Chinese scale input.  Not needed for quadrature or iGaging scales.
Snap-in DC Power Jack, 2.1mm Mouser 163-1060-EX 1  
Stereo 3.5mm Jack Mouser 161-7300-EX 3 One edge finder, two tachs
0.875" 6-32 M/F Alum Hex Standoff Mouser 534-8417 6  
9 pin D-Sub Receptacle Mouser 156-1309 1 Optional if using RS-232
MTA-100 2 pin receptacle Mouser 571-3-640442-2 1 DC power input
MTA-100 3 pin receptacle Mouser 571-3-640442-3 4 One edge finder, two tachs, one RS-232
MTA-100 4 pin receptacle Mouser 571-3-640442-4 5 One per scale input
AC adapter, 9V, 1.4A, 2.1mm, 90-264VAC Mouser 418-TR1509 1 Enough for 5V @ 2A on DRO
For 5V @ 3A: 709-GS18U09-P1J
4-40 x 1/2" black machine screws     12 Two per scale input, two per RS-232
4-40 hex nut     2 Two per RS-232
6-32 x 3/8" machine screw     6 For attaching PCB to standoffs
24-26 AWG stranded wire     5' For making the edge, tach, and power cables
Silk-screened Lexan overlay ShumaTech 99-0014 1