The LCD-200 is an auxiliary LCD display for the DRO-550.  It can mount to the top of the DRO-550 case as shown in the picture at left or in a remote location that is more convenient to view.  The LCD is graphical and has a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels so there is a lot of possibilities for what is displayed on it.  The display uses an LED backlight for maximum brightness and long life.

The main feature of the LCD-200 is that it adds two additional axes for a total of five.  You can also use either or both of the additional axes to display feed rate, tachometer, or SFM data so that the main display is free to show the main axis positions.  Since the LCD-200 is graphical, axis labels are displayed to the right of each axis to remind you exactly what each is displaying.  There are also additional axis preset and zero buttons to set incremental presets pr zero the axes.

The LCD-200 also displays status information for the current operation of the DRO.  It can show a number of parameters depending on the software state:

  • Machine mode (lathe or mill)
  • Function in use
  • Function step
  • Workspace number
  • Active tool number
  • Active tool diameter
  • Edge compensation side (mill mode)
  • Compound angle (lathe mode)

Finally, the LCD-200 also integrates an SD memory card reader in the side that will enable future features that benefit from file transfers with a PC.

Best of all, the LCD-200 is fully supported by the open source OpenDRO software so it is easy to add more functions or information to the display.