NOTE: The QCC-100 is now obsolete and is NOT needed when using the DPU-550 or DRO-550 since they support quadrature format directly.  The information provided here is for reference only.







The QCC-100 converts a quadrature signal into an output in Chinese scale format  The QCC-100 is designed to adapt the DRO-350 for use with rotary and linear quadrature encoders from companies like US Digital.  There are two versions as shown in the above picture.  The top version is an external dongle and is easily connected to the scale connector on the back of the DRO-350.  The bottom version is the internal version and is installed onto the PCB inside the DRO-350 enclosure.

The QCC-100 operates with any 5V quadrature signal up to a rate of 50,000 counts per second (CPS).  The QCC-100 is able to quadruple the native resolution of the disk or strip used with the quadrature encoder by counting on both the rising and falling edges of the two quadrature signals.  This gives a 500 CPI linear strip a resolution of 0.0005 inches or 2000 CPI.  Complete construction details are included on this site.