QCC-100 Bill Of Materials

Common Parts

The QCC-100 can be built into either an internal or dongle version.  The internal version is placed inside the DRO-350 case and is connected to the the DRO-350 PCB with either solderless connectors or directly soldered wires.  The dongle version is designed to be plugged into the mini-DIN connector on the outside of the DRO-350.  The total cost of the parts common to both versions is $6.96 from Digi-Key.

Part Description Vendor Vendor Part# Quantity
Capacitor Ceramic Capacitor, 0.1uF 50V Digi-Key 399-2127-ND 1
Capacitor Tantalum Capacitor, 10uF 16V Digi-Key 478-1837-ND 1
ECS-ZTT 20MHz Ceramic Resonator, with Caps Digi-Key X909-ND 1
PIC12F629 Flash 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller Digi-Key PIC12F629-I/P-ND 1
PCB QCC-100 Bare PCB ShumaTech 99-0004 1

Internal Version

The internal version can be built with or without the solderless connectors.  The solderless connectors add $0.74 but note that a couple of the solderless connectors must be ordered from Digi-Key in quantities larger than needed.  This will add two dollars to the total cost for a single QCC-100.

Solderless Connectors

Part Description Vendor Vendor Part# Quantity
MTA100-4-H MTA-100 header, 4pin Digi-Key A1922-ND 1
MTA100-4-R MTA-100 receptacle, 4 pin Digi-Key A19032-ND 1
MT100-1-H MT .100" housing, 1 position Digi-Key A26962-ND 1
MT100-CR MT .100" crimp receptacle Digi-Key A25970-ND 1
HDR100-1-1 Header, .100", 1 row x 1 pin Digi-Key S1012-36-ND 1

Dongle Version

The dongle version uses a male mini-DIN plug to connect to the DRO-350 and a female mini-DIN plug to connect to the quadrature encoder.  The female mini-DIN plug has the same pin-out as the female mini-DIN connector on the DRO-350 when the internal version is used.  The dongle can be easily built with a connector other than the female mini-DIN to better suit a particular quadrature encoder.

Dongle Connectors

Part Description Vendor Vendor Part# Quantity
MDIN-4-F Mini-DIN, 4 pin Female Digi-Key CP-2140-ND 1
MDIN-4-M Mini-DIN, 4 pin Male Digi-Key CP-2040-ND 1