DPU-550 Software

The DPU-550 runs OpenDRO software.  The User's Guide for the DPU-550 is covered under the OpenDRO User's Guide.  The DPU-550 Software Guide presented here only explains how to upload and verify OpenDRO onto the DPU-550 hardware.

The steps below describe how to download and install OpenDRO onto the DPU-550.

Step 1. Download the OpenDRO Binary Image

The release packages are available for download on the Files Section of the OpenDRO project.  Download the latest binary image, which is a file ending in .bin,  that is appropriate for your hardware configuration.  For example, if you have a DPU-550 Lite and the latest OpenDRO release is 0.2.3, then you should download the file named opendro-dpu550lite-0.2.3.bin.  Save this file to your Desktop or somewhere convenient.